Google+ Games is being rolled out to its users

google games is being rolled out its users

Round one: Fight! It is not a true social network until you have a massive amount of people sharing tons of stuff and, of course, social games; Google+ is now rolling out their social gaming platform to its users and developers.

Google+ Games is slowly being push out to all users. Keep checking on the top bar of the navigation panel of your Google Plus account, and really soon you will see  a small circle colored dots next to the circle’s icon, same as the one you see in the image above.

There are many games that you can play, such as Angry Birds, Crime City, Diamond Dash,  Sudoku, Dragons of Atlantis, and many more. You’ll also be able to play with other Google+ users and see anyone in your circle what they are playing. There is nothing to download or buy, you can play at anytime and anywhere (internet connection required).

Useful Links

  • If you are a developer that wants to learn how to build a game, check out Google+ developer blog.
  • Do you want to see right now if you have Google+ Games? Then follow this link if you are logged into your account — note that you will get a 404 error if Games isn’t available to you yet.
  • Do you need a Google+ invite? You can get a FREE invite from if:
    1. You subscribe to our email updates and activate the subscription.
    2. Are you already subscribed? Then just Like us on Facebook, Google +1 us with the button in the “subscribe to ABCwebcam” box on the right, or follow us on Twitter. Let me know here and I will send you an invite asap. In the subject field type the username you used to Like, +1 or follow, and in the message field type: I would like a Google+ invite. That simple!

Note that I don’t have too many invites, so hurry up and get yours!

Source The Official Google Blog